(Alfred:) Arriving in Port Moresby in the early morning. Visa on Arrival, nothing to declare. Heading to a money machine, power cut. Changing some cash at the counter. Outside of the airport, not as hot as expected, no taxis. We ask a security guy. He brings us to a friend waiting outside in his little van. We agree on a price, they brig us into the town. Check in at the Mapang Missionary Station, 30€ for a bed in a dormatory, including small talks with missionars and bibel workers. We walk into town, take a PMV bus to the new shopping mall „Vision City“. Beefburger and a lot of coffee, and and dinner with missionaries, thats all i remember before falling a sleep with s sip of (hidden) vodka.


(Marion:) Zuerst lerne ich den Computer zu bedienen, der Computer heißt Chromebook. dann versuche ich mit dem Digicell teil eine weltweite Internetverbindung aufzubauen. es gibt einen Haufen Störungen.. … Schließlich gelingt es doch und ich kann eine Email über meine Befindlichkeit in die Welt senden. Eine schöne Sache. Arriving in Port Moresby (Pom or Mosbi for short) from Hongkong in plan together with 80 or 90 chinese contract worker it felt somehow like coming home. Eventhough streets are wider, bigger, fuller and more new and high buildings are piercing the blue pacific sky it is still Papua New Guinea (PNG) with his special smell of dirt, pig grease, ocean debris and betelnut and it’s street vendors surrounded by crowds. At the first night sitting outside at the patio seeing the clouds turning pink, feeling a breeze cooling my hot skin, watching flying foxes flying and telling about the coming night, listening to the geckos I knew I am back again, I am here where I wanted to be. And there is another feeling of coming home.. coming home to arts, to png-art. Both coming-home feelings make me feel good and I am pretty relaxed – except that am curious about what has happened within in the PNG art scene during the last 10 years (or more) and how the contemporary art has developed or might have changed and who from the artists I know and I worked with are still around.