Stephan Groß

Born 1979 in Höxter (NRW), Stephan Groß studied visual arts and mathematics at the university of Bremen from 1999 till 2005 with early computer artist Frieder Nake among others. His works deal with the artistic transformation of print media, visual poetry and with installation. Groß had a fellowship of the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes and won the Löwenhof-Förderpreis, Frankfurt / Main, in 2006 and 2007. He regularly takes part in international festivals and exhibitions. Groß lives and works in Berlin.


The typographic work BLAME ME addresses the „witch hunts“ in Papua New Guinea in a kind of paradoxical intervention, and so symbolically eliminates the hideous blame on the victims. Frequently it hits single women or people on the margins of the community, who are accused of witchcraft or the application of the evil eye. Also in the society of Germany managed according to patterns of the Enlightenment the culprits behind problems were and are often searched for among minorities and marginalized people. Most well known are the crimes under the sign of the swastika, which formally resonates in BLAME ME just as elements of tribal aesthetics.

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